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Cementir Holding

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Positioned in a niche market
Pension matters

As of December 2018, the group employed 3,083 people. It follows a performance-based policy in which it encourages a high-performance culture and rewards people based on their performance. In 2018, the company also developed the concept of the Cementir Academy to develop and update skills, integrate know-hows and preserve as well as spread knowledge in the organisation.

Pension ratio

The company’s pension ratio lies at about 3%, whereas the industry average lies at about 7%, underlining that the risk is more controlled at Cementir.


The PBO/EV ratio of the company lies at about 3%, whereas the industry average lies at about 19%. This underlines the fact that the company’s valuation is less sensitive to actuarial assumptions than its cement peers.

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Upside 39.6%
Price (€) 9.69
Market Cap (€M) 1,542
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