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Analyst reports

Date Title Research
02/05/2024 We welcome the securing of the group’s financial needs Download
03/04/2024 Patience is a virtue… hopefully Download
28/02/2024 Securing the financing needs Download
08/02/2024 No news is not always good news... Download
06/01/2024 Marketing initiative in the US Download
03/01/2024 A new distribution agreement in Northern Europe Download
28/09/2023 H1 23: no surprises before the release of the detailed accounts in October Download
27/03/2023 No real news in the FY22 results. Download
23/03/2023 FY22: not much to learn from the release Download
12/01/2023 Crossject has announced it has raised €14m in debt to finance its expansion. Download
26/09/2022 Minor changes after H1 22 Download
23/09/2022 A rather reassuring H1 22 Download
05/09/2022 Adjusting our forecasts to the new number of shares Download
25/07/2022 The update of our assumptions confirms a huge upside potential Download
22/07/2022 The update of our assumptions confirms a huge upside potential Download
20/06/2022 A major breakthrough for Crossject Download
29/03/2022 FY21: not very meaningful, as expected Download
17/12/2021 New financing Download
24/09/2021 H1 21: unsurprising (as usual) Download
31/08/2021 We have fine-tuned our numbers on the back of the FY20 detailed accounts. Forecasts were also partly amended but net results remain low in the next few years which explains why a small change in the e Download
18/08/2021 We have only integrated the detailed numbers for FY20, which translate into a slightly lower EPS. However, the change is not meaningful given the still very low level of results of the company before Download
18/06/2021 Another good piece of news for the group Download
17/06/2021 A licensing agreement for Zeneo Hydrocortisone in the US and Canada Download
31/03/2021 FY20 unsuprising; waiting for more Download
15/12/2020 A double bond issue Download
21/09/2020 Update on the group's business Download
22/05/2020 No major changes after the release of the FY19 report Download
29/03/2020 Meaningless FY19 results and product update Download
23/12/2019 Extra-financing to increase visibility Download
20/11/2019 A €2.6m non-dilutive issue Download
15/10/2019 Cooperation agreement with the US Department of Defense Download
10/09/2019 H1 19: no surprise Download
10/07/2019 Warrants to existing shareholders Download
19/06/2019 A commercial success Download
18/04/2019 The 2018 bonds fully converted Download
18/03/2019 No major change post FY18 results Download
15/03/2019 Slowly but surely Download
04/02/2019 Some extra non-dilutive financing Download
24/12/2018 Adjustment in the number of shares Download
21/12/2018 Success of the capital increase Download
29/11/2018 A €3.9m capital increase before year-end Download
28/11/2018 A €3.9m capital increase Download
22/11/2018 Excellent news: production has resumed Download
23/10/2018 Bond conversion Download
03/10/2018 The delayed launch of Zeneo implies a lower target price Download
27/09/2018 H1 18: insignificant; some more time needed to reach the market Download
05/09/2018 On its way to reaching the market Download
13/07/2018 A convertible bond and potential options for existing shareholders Download
17/05/2018 Business update Download
22/03/2018 On its way to reach the market… Download
14/02/2018 A convertible bond and options for existing shareholders Download
03/02/2018 Orphan disease status for Zeneo® Midazolam in the US Download
11/12/2017 Update on the company’s activities Download
25/09/2017 H1 17: a new NTE in the pipeline...and further delays Download
06/04/2017 The capital increase was successful Download
14/03/2017 New valuation after the ongoing capital increase Download
13/03/2017 FY16 results - untelling (as expected) and a €4.3m capital increase Download
24/11/2016 A strategic review… and some adjustments to our forecasts Download
23/11/2016 A strategic review….and a few questions Download
20/09/2016 H1 16 results: not very telling as expected Download
29/08/2016 When apparent threats are also opportunities Download
25/02/2016 Initiating coverage of Crossject. Download
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