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From an industrialist to a luxury player

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Analyst reports

Date Title Research
30/04/2024 Q1-24 Chargeurs kicks off the year in high gear Download
16/02/2024 Operational results in line with the 2023 expectations Download
20/12/2023 Chargeurs, the rationale behind a takeover bid Download
15/11/2023 Adjustments to our FY 23-24 outlook Download
13/11/2023 The worst is over as Chargeurs Advanced Materials is on the comeback trail Download
16/09/2023 Adjustments to our FY 23-24 outlook following the H1 results Download
12/09/2023 Solace in museums Download
26/05/2023 Adjustments to our FY 23-24 estimates Download
25/05/2023 Heading for a Chargeurs Advanced Materials rebound? Download
13/03/2023 Strong 2022 introduces a promising 2023 Download
19/12/2022 From an industrialist to a luxury player? Download
15/11/2022 Downwards revision following the Q3 release Download
10/11/2022 Q3 22: a subdued quarter Download
22/09/2022 Adjustments to our FY 22-23 outlook following the H1 results Download
15/09/2022 The up-and-coming luxury player Download
12/09/2022 H1 22: an encouraging start to FY 2022 demonstrating the group's resilience Download
13/05/2022 Upbeat start to 2022 propelled by strong growth in the traditional businesses Download
24/03/2022 Slight adjustments to our FY22-23 outlook Download
18/02/2022 FY21: CPF achieves record year, group’s financial position is strengthened further Download
11/11/2021 Q3 performance confirms our FY view Download
23/09/2021 Change of valuation profile Download
13/09/2021 H1 21: strong execution and record order books raise confidence on FY22 outlook Download
05/05/2021 Minor EPS adjustments following Q1 top-line publication Download
05/05/2021 Protective Films and Healthcare Solutions lead to record Q1 results Download
29/04/2021 Restocking effect uplifts our FY21-22 view on CPF Download
20/04/2021 We have revised our earnings expectations after incorporating the FY20 figures and rolling forward our estimates through to 2023. The FY21 EPS forecast sees a slight decline due to a more gradual reco Download
24/02/2021 CHS leads FY20 record result as Chargeurs embarks on new strategic plan Download
28/01/2021 Upgraded FY20 EBIT guidance improves earnings outlook Download
28/01/2021 FY20 ends on a high note as Protective Films bounces back Download
11/11/2020 Healthcare-led Q3 lifts full-year outlook Download
11/11/2020 Our FY20 EPS estimate increases on the back of higher top-line expectations for the Healthcare Solutions division (€335m versus €312m previously) and a narrower than expected sales contraction for Pro Download
14/09/2020 Updated outlook emphasises organic growth ambitions Download
14/09/2020 H1: an absolute home run Download
29/04/2020 New healthcare products activity unlocks unforeseen organic growth potential Download
17/04/2020 Adjusting our FY2020 expectations on COVID-19 impact Download
14/04/2020 New protective equipment activity to help offset Coronavirus impact Download
09/03/2020 Staying on course with strategic roadmap after a volatile 2019 Download
03/02/2020 FY19 sets a sound foundation for growth in 2020 Download
28/01/2020 Strategic move towards museum servicing fully established Download
28/01/2020 Our increased TP sees its biggest impact from the changes to our NAV following the inclusion of D&P Incorporated and updated EV metrics for the group's divisions. Having already factored a c.€100m inc Download
18/11/2019 Q3: another robust quarterly showing Download
18/11/2019 We have slightly trimmed our 2019 EPS estimates based on a recurring EBIT target around the level reached in 2017 (€44m), given the softer dynamic presented particularly over H1 19. Nonetheless, Charg Download
23/09/2019 Fine-tuning for Protective Films' challenging dynamic in H1 Download
18/09/2019 H1: organic growth recovery and a brighter outlook Download
05/07/2019 Technical Substrates sprouting through acquired growth Download
07/05/2019 Successful acquired growth offsets organic slowdown Download
21/03/2019 Pricing acquired growth Download
15/03/2019 Solid 2018 execution confirms growth potential Download
31/01/2019 Solid 2018 vintage Download
16/11/2018 On time delivery, cont’d Download
07/09/2018 Robust earnings delivery in more choppy (FX) waters Download
29/06/2018 One stone, many great birds Download
29/06/2018 Sizeable PPC acquisition brings immediate leverage Download
18/04/2018 Strong divisional contributions partly absorbed by financing costs Download
09/03/2018 Strong operations confirm regime change Download
26/01/2018 Robust Q4 sales match guidance. Download
20/11/2017 Capex acceleration to foster quality growth Download
16/11/2017 Discipline pays off Download
11/09/2017 Strong cash flow invested in growth Download
10/09/2017 Ship-shape form and growth-minded Download
20/05/2017 Chargeurs opens its heart Download
25/04/2017 Surprisingly strong Q1 growth at Protective Films Download
24/04/2017 Protective Films pulls up valuation strongly again Download
14/03/2017 Excellent 2016 delivery, confidence reinforced Download
14/03/2017 Excellent 2016 comforts new management's ambitions Download
31/01/2017 Strong 2016 sales and operating delivery Download
31/01/2017 Preliminary 2016 strong delivery and upgrade to DCF Download
15/11/2016 Very solid Q3 revenues indeed Download
14/09/2016 Very convincing first half indeed Download
14/09/2016 H1 shows jump in profitability Download
20/07/2016 Chargeurs goes for acquired growth, at last Download
09/05/2016 We have updated our figures with 2015 finals and given a slightly more positive twist to 2016 after strong Q1 revenue figures on a pro forma basis. Download
04/04/2016 Very strong 2015 Ebit delivery helps boost forecasts and valuatuon Download
15/03/2016 Strong 2015 earnings and refreshing growth tone Download
28/01/2016 Confirmed robust 2015 sales Download
12/11/2015 Q3 sales growth where it matters: protective films Download
08/10/2015 Change of control Download
08/09/2015 Voting rights reaffirmed Download
02/09/2015 An unexpected growth message wrapped in a strong H1 Download
02/09/2015 Strong H1 and more offensive stance Download
15/05/2015 Chargeurs Redux Download
23/03/2015 Faster forward Download
10/02/2015 2014 sales above expectations Download
18/11/2014 Volume growth confirmed Download
03/09/2014 Sparkling H1 results from Protective Film business Download
12/05/2014 Chargeurs has released Q1 sales up 1.9% pro-forma although down 1.8% after allowing for forex and price negatives Download
09/05/2014 Solid operations and zero debt Download
11/03/2014 Solid operations combine with zero debt Download
21/01/2014 More of the same Download
25/11/2013 Steady going over Q3 Download
02/09/2013 Deep, deep discount and firming up ground Download
01/09/2013 Corner turned? Download
19/04/2013 Allowing for the detailed 2012 final results Download
24/01/2013 €16m 2012 loss; regaining room for manoeuvre Download
24/01/2013 Stronger balance sheet, shame about the 2012 earnings Download
26/11/2012 Resistance of prices, drop in volumes Download
26/11/2012 Worsening economic context as from Q2, recovery expected as from 2013 Download
03/10/2012 Worsening context weighs on profitability Download
04/05/2012 Lower volumes will impact profitability Download
19/03/2012 Increasing profitability in a challenging context Download
21/01/2012 Sales release: in line with our expectations Download
02/12/2011 Eduardo Malone has increased his stake Download
23/11/2011 We also include an amount of €-4m to partly offset "other operating cash flows" in the Cash Flow Statement (adjustment line which was no longer taken into account from 2014 in our model). Download
16/11/2011 Visible slowdown in demand Download
16/11/2011 Visible slowdown in order inflow for Q4 Download
16/11/2011 Visible slowdown in demand Download
29/08/2011 For H1 11, Chargeurs reported a 13.6% increase yoy in revenues to €290.7m, mainly due to a price effect of 10.4%. Operating income amounted to €14.6m +15% driven by volumes, mix and pricing power (the Download
17/05/2011 Through a total return swap, Pathé has sold 734,035 Chargeurs shares and now owns only 1m shares, corresponding to 7.75% of the capital and 7.70% of the theoretical voting rights. Consequently, the s Download
10/05/2011 Q1 11: revenue was €140.6m, up 14.6%, of which c.11% due to the raw material price increase and 4% to higher volumes. The better top-line growth was in the wool division up 18% to €47.8m. For H1, ma Download
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