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Contrary to the larger players which offer laptops in rather rigid configurations, Metavisio operates an agile model. In other words, the company’s products are modular, and orders are driven by the requirements put forth by the distributors and customers. As a result, the company can offer its customers the latest technologies while also being budget friendly. And, while this induces a certain lumpiness in pre-ordering, in the last three years the company has reduced its supplier base from 20 to 6, thus, allowing it to manage distribution better while also obtaining better pricing and the latest technologies.

Three-pronged strategy
Replicating the formula internationally: The first pillar of Metavisio’s strategy is to mimic the success of its entry-level laptops in the French market overseas. The principle of providing better technology at a decent price is the foundation to help create more exports across Europe as well as the rest of the World. The company, in 2017, already began to distribute its products in North Africa followed by the Middle East. Moreover, at the end of 2020, the company started selling its products in the US through two wholesalers, Digital Gadget and Stampede. Furthermore, the company added Solution 2 Go and Circuit City, and EET Europe for North America and Scandinavia, respectively.

Value through premium segment: By using its agile model, the company aims to offer premium ultrabooks at relatively lower prices, thereby striving to repeat the success obtained in the affordable laptop segment. The company aims to do this with its Neo Z product, which comes equipped with competitive technology and offers all the necessary characteristics of an ultrabook within a range of €499-999. With this product, the company will not only be able to accelerate its sales but also generate higher margins.

High-growth markets: Metavisio aims to make more sales in international markets and, in particular, wants to target higher-growth markets such as Africa and India. In these markets, the average selling price of the company’s products can attract a loyal customer base and boost the top line.

Supported by operational prudence
In addition to moving towards a margin-accretive segment, the company will also pull some levers on the cost side. With the advantage of lower fixed costs due to its make-to-order model, the company has recently also brought down its aftersales costs by setting up an in-house team. This team works from a separate building near the headquarters and has about 20 employees. Another area where the company has been diligent is in reducing freight costs, which in the last year have gone through the roof. At the start of 2021, Metavisio partnered a new transport arrangement with its freight forwarder, which allows it to reduce its freight costs by a third during this period of high prices.

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