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A new hotel offering responding to tomorrow's demand
  • The revitalisation of sub-marketed assets is a strategy with potentially significant operational leverage. The project is led by Mr. OTT who has extensive real estate experience in Europe.
  • The hotel industry in central France (Project 1) addresses the growing market of green, economically accessible, local, low-carbon, health-centred tourism.
  • COURBET has acquired a second hotel in Cannes in September 2022 (Project 2). Supported by its majority shareholder, COURBET has the capacity to constitute a group with a patrimonial profile.
  • Boosting the attractiveness of certain destinations may require sustainably high marketing budgets: i/ from independent public authorities; ii/ from COURBET on its own assets.
  • In order to finance the roll-out, significant calls on the market are likely in the future. First issues at €1.20 per share will take place in 2022-23 for €7m.
  • For the time being, COURBET's size will result in a micro-cap status on a non-regulated market. This will be accompanied by a reduced liquidity of the share.
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